Social research attempts to create or validate theories through data collection and data analysis. In Social research we usually deal with social groups. We collect data, analyze information and formulate a report on our findings.

Through social research we discover the underlying concepts, cause and effect relationships of social issues; Gauge public opinions on a variety of issues ranging from political, social, to religious matters.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and modern computer packages in data processing and presentation in order to serve our clients better. Our research team is comprised of qualified Statisticians and Social Scientists. Having such an experienced team of professionals ensures the provision of accurate data and information.

This makes use of the Qualitative and Quantitative research methods according to the need of the baseline survey under program/Project. The magnitude and time frame of the survey depends on the size and complexity of the project to be conducted. Expect a good base knowledge for your project when you involve MASRA to conduct the survey.


Monitoring and evaluation (M&E), a name made from two words (1. monitoring 2. evaluation) is a process that is employed to help in improving performance and achieve results in any project. Its main goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact. It is mainly used to assess the performance of the projects, institutions and programs set up by governments and None-Governmental Organizations. It establishes links between the past, present and future actions.

Market and Social Research Africa does the monitoring and Evaluation exercise to  evaluate processes managed by institutions in which the donors have an interest in. M&E helps as the Donors’ financed activities, by an independent branch of the implementing organization, the project managers or implementing team themselves and/or by a private company need to be monitored to arcetain  the progress and where to improve.

The credibility and objectivity of monitoring and evaluation reports depend very much on the independence of the evaluator or evaluating team in charge. Their expertise and independence is of major importance for the process to be successful. This is the reason why MASRA offers the services to different organization. Find us.


We conduct Market Research which helps organizations to gather market intelligence regarding consumers’ opinions and the market trends. This enables clients to gauge consumers’ interest in new products and service offerings. When you trust us to conduct a consumer market research survey, you will be able to know: customers’ perception of your brand, product or service. The probability of current customers becoming repeat purchasers of your products or services. What your customers think of your competition. As such, you will be able to enhance your relationship with your current customers, increase retention and cultivate sales. In the long run, the research information will help you design suitable marketing and customer service strategies.


We conduct multi-disciplinary research into critical health policy and health-care delivery issues. This helps in determining the following among others: Environmental and behavioral determinants of disease. Effectiveness of health-care delivery systems in relation to people’s access to health care. Increasing challenges that disease and ill health are placing on our society. We also conduct needs assessment surveys on health care issues.

This is a very effective data collection method that exploits group dynamics. A group of 6 to 10 respondents is chosen to discuss a set of topics pertaining to a particular social problem or product, at a central place. Market and Social Research Africa has the excellent expertise to do the right job on Focus Group Discussion, in case there is need in your institution.

This is secondary research whereby information is obtained from past research projects and relevant publications of all types.

This data collection method is used to evaluate services offered to consumers by service organizations. The respondents are interviewed after the service has been offered to establish the effectiveness of the service and the whole process.

Its one way of evaluating/ measuring certain activities within the organizations business premises as to whether quality standards are being met

This method was borrowed from ethnography and usually requires more time period. With this method, the data collector takes roles in the environment being studied. The data collector records whatever is happening in the field.

A structured or semi structured questionnaire is used to guide an enumerator to interview a respondent. This technique is sometimes used on very sensitive issues/subjects like Reproductive Health and Sexuality. In most cases recording gadgets are used to capture data that assist during report writing

The following surveys would help organizations in a number of ways. Organization will be able
– To select the best Media Vehicle of Communication
– To know media vehicle distribution
– To know media vehicle audience
– To know advertising exposure and
– To know advertising consumption

It is a type of research that measures consumer sales and other in-store observations/ activities like Point of Sales materials, Promotions e.t.c. MASRA has collected data using the PAPI and digital data collection gadgets (PDAs)

This is a systematic enumeration and registering information of predefined retail outlets within the selected area

This is a qualitative study that measures market awareness on
1. Radio and Television Advertisement
2. Electronic and print media
3. Outdoor advertising (posters, Signposts, Billboards)

Advertising is an expensive endeavor. The investment in adverting needs monitoring for several reasons: You need to know whether the quantity and quality of booked adverts really comes out as desired. Most media houses have a tendency of under delivering what you book or flighting your adverts at the wrong time, thereby missing your intended target audience. You also need to know what your competitors are doing in the market.


We offer complete communication package, from concept development, material production, brand/product activation, to media booking and placement. We have readily available communication experts who will assist you on your communication needs

Through Road Shows, we are able to activate products or brands across the country, thereby creating and enhancing an already existing market.

Training of service providers, who normally are the face of the service your organization offers, is good but it can be a waste of resources if front line staff is not properly monitored and evaluated. MASRA offers Mystery Customer Survey for banks and other similar service providers; and Mystery Motorist Surveys for fuel companies. Based on need assessment, as derived from the mystery survey reports, we provide training for various front line staff equipping them with the necessary knowledge on how to handle customers; ultimately making them favorable faces of an organization.